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Non-Destructive Moisture Surveys

Infrared Thermographic or Nuclear Moisture Surveys of existing or new roof installations to determine the scope and degree of moisture within the roof assembly.

When to do a Non-Destructive Moisture Survey:

  • Prior to Final Acceptance and Payment for a new roofing system
  • Before the warranty expires
  • Before acquiring real estate
  • Before re-roofing over an existing roof assembly
  • For early detection of problems in order to minimize long term repair costs
  • Before preparing your budget request for roof repairs
  • Whenever leaks occur

The Process

Conduct an Infrared Thermographic Scan or Nuclear Moisture Surveys and provide a report consisting of the following:

  • An explanation as to how the procedure works
  • A list of the existing roof composition(s)
  • Thermographic Images
  • Summary of Roof Square Footage
  • Summary of Findings

Typical Infrared Thermographic Images


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