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Roof Survey and Documentation


  • Review any available construction drawings for the buildings. Prepare a Roof Plan Layout for each roof area to be surveyed.
  • Research any warranty and other pertinent information available pertaining to the existing roof systems.

Field Survey:

  • Meet with building personnel to identify roof leak problems.
  • Perform a thorough visual inspection of the field of roofs, flashings and all roof related sheet metal work. Note and document existing roof conditions.
  • Core the existing roofs as required to verify the composition of the existing roof system and roof deck substrate. Have samplings of the existing built-up roofing materials laboratory tested to determine their asbestos content.
  • Document any existing conditions above the roof lines which may affect the waterproof integrity of the building

Roof Inspection/Evaluation Documentation:

Prepare and maintain the following information for each building surveyed:  (1) A Roof Plan Drawing showing roof area designations, and (2) A database format, compatible with the Facilities Engineering Departmentís existing data program listing the following information:

  • Building number/roof area designation
  • Approximate square footage
  • Roof type
  • Roofing material manufacturer
  • Roof warranty number
  • Warranty expiration date
  • Roofing Contractor
  • Installation year
  • Existing roof condition
  • Recommended action to be taken
  • Estimated roof repair cost
  • Projected roof replacement year
  • Estimated roof replacement cost

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